Jose Antonio Ramos Pritchett

JoseJose Antonio Pritchett was born in Spain and came to the U.S. when he was almost 10-years-old. He ran the streets for many years, battled drug addiction and found himself in and out of jails and prison.

On his last jail term while serving time inside San Bruno County Jail, he took the Kingian Nonviolence training offered by the East Point Peace Academy. He went on to received his Assistant Trainers Certificate after completing an 8-month training program, and his Level I Certification after an additional 4-month training. Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr. personally handed him his certificate during his visit to the jail for their graduation.

He has been home now for three-years, and have been free ever since. He is a certified drug and alcohol councilor and works at a residential year-long men’s treatment facility. He is almost finished with school to get his certification in the field. Kingian Nonviolence has helped him to look at his life for the better and to give back to the beloved community.