Melissa Crosby

MelissaMelissa Crosby is a whole-hearted activist, educator, and poet with a vibrant and loving spirit.  With the hope of creating positive, lasting difference for life on the planet she commits her time and gifts to the profound re-imaging of what it means to be truly alive by exploring key levers of personal and collective transformation, self-actualization, and the continual journey of spirit via permutations of our collective unconscious.

Melissa received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Olivet College in 2003 with a focus in Economic Development and a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction from UNLV in 2005.  For ten years, Melissa was a classroom teacher in an effort to support youth in greatly realizing their voice, value, and collective power.

Melissa is an active member of several Bay Area activist formations including the Black Land & Liberation Initiative, The Last 3 Percent, Black.Seed, People’s Education Movement and supports in the development of international bridges of solidarity through her involvement with Global Youth Rising.  Melissa is also a board member for East Bay Meditation Center and supports in the facilitation of workshops on the Philosophy of Kingian Nonviolence through her work with East Point Peace Academy.  When Melissa isn’t organizing, she enjoys meditating, reading, connecting deeply with others, gardening, traveling, listening to music, and appreciating the little joys of life.