Peijman Kouretchian

PeijmanPeijman Kouretchian has been working as a Kingian Nonviolence trainer with East Point Peace Academy since January 2013. This work has opened the opportunity to teach nonviolence in local jails amongst other places, tapping into a passion to serve communities most affected by violence. He has also been trained in leading restorative justice circles and mediation. Peijman has worked in high conflict entertainment security for over five years, mediating within diverse populations in times of overt violence. This real world experience as well as his independent one-on-one empowerment coaching practice has allowed him to put his academic theories to the test in many different contexts.

Peijman is a professional musician having toured internationally and nationally many times.  Bridging music and activism is his current passion.  In July of 2013 he played drums for 24 hours non-stop in solidarity with the US prisoners on hunger strike protesting for an end to torture.