Sima Savdharia

SimaSima is an elementary school educator and a recent graduate of the Urban Education and Social Justice MA program at the University of San Francisco. She was introduced to Kingian Nonviolence at a cultural event at Soledad State Prison. She has been a Kingian Nonviolence trainer for the East Point Peace Academy for the past four years where she’s co-created the “Training for Trainers” program.

She has worked to bring Dr. King’s legacy into various educational institutions and has designed a Kingian Nonviolence curriculum specific to youth. Sima is passionate about transformative justice and youth development with seven years of experience working with young people. She is also a facilitator for the peer-led GED program at San Quentin State Prison. Outside of dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline and pondering the vast complexities of humanizing education, her hobbies include: obsessing over dogs and elephants, roller-blading, leading mindful meditation, and getting into nature.