Guiding Philosophies

Our Vision

East Point Peace Academy envisions a world in which historic conflict is fully reconciled and new conflict arises solely as an opportunity for deeper growth.

Our Mission

East Point Peace Academy works to build a powerful, nonviolent army of peace warriors: leaders and active participants invested in creating, supporting and nurturing the Beloved Community.

Operational Values

These 10 values serve as the foundation for how we operate in the world. We try our best to put these values into practice at every opportunity.

1) Kingian Nonviolence

We are grounded in the principles and steps of Kingian Nonviolent Conflict Reconciliation as our overall guiding philosophy.

2) Long-Term Vision for Change

We hold a long-term vision that stretches multiple centuries and generations, and are committed to a process that brings about change for future generations.

3) Holistic Approach to Conflict

We work to address conflict at each level of society, from the internal and inter-personal to the communal and global levels.

4) Holistic Approach to Change

Our goal is to change systems and policies as well as cultures and value systems.

5) Positive Peace

We aim not only to decrease violence and injustice, but to increase understanding and justice within ourselves and our communities.

6) Reconciliation

Our goal in addressing any conflict is reconciliation and the expansion of Beloved Community, not a victory over any person or persons.

7) Interconnectedness

We work to build bridges across demographics, geography, and any silo-based “issue” focus to bring diverse communities together under a common vision for change.

8) Transparency

We are committed to transparency in our internal processes, decision-making, and finances.

9) Gift Economics

In our commitment to inclusion and accessibility, our programs are offered on a Gift Economics basis model.

10) Partnerships & Collaborations

As we function within our current competitive and individualistic culture, we will look for every opportunity to share resources and build partnerships and collaborations.