Profile of a Warrior: Gus Newport

“The pursuit of peace means the gentle treatment of all people.” – Gus Newport

As a volunteer for the East Point Peace Academy, I recently had the privilege to meet up with civil rights leader, former mayor of Berkeley and peace advocate Gus Newport. Through several hours of conversation, we explored the intimate relationship between racism, social justice, and the our cultural relationship to education in the United States.

gusA descendant of African American slaves, Mr. Newport was born and raised in Rochester, New York. As a child, Mr. Newport was spoon fed activism from his mother and grandmother, and quickly developed a taste for peace. As a teenager, he was recognized as one of the brightest minds in his community, and was supported in cultivating his power and precision with words as a member of a traveling debate team. But in 1961 after the police invaded a Black Muslim mosque in Rochester, Gus met Malcolm X, and his life changed when he decided to put his voice into action. [Read more...]