The Future is Now!!!

FIN BerkeleyThe Future is Now inter-generational summit, August 15-17, will bring together activists and emerging leaders to build a better future.

Celebrating The Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 100th anniversary, co-chair Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb shares her vision of building relationships, and the sharing of skills and experience with the aim of collectively addressing economic, racial, environmental, and social injustice.

How can we strengthen inter generational ties so that we can better wield the grass roots power we have? What does beautiful resistance to forced assimilation and oppression look like in our communities? How do we build what we want to see while living in the current system?

The Future is Now promotes inter generational strength to bring successful people together in a way that we can leverage change together, for all of humanity.

Hosted by the Fellowship of Reconciliation in partnership with the Pacific School or Religion and the Center for Spirituality and Social Transformation, with volunteer support from the Nursha Project.  East Point Peace Academy’s Kazu Haga will be a featured speaker, and will also be running workshops throughout the weekend.

Visit for more information and to register.


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