Help Bring Nonviolence to Soledad Prison!!!

Recently, thanks to invitations from our friends at Barrios Unidos, we have held several lectures about nonviolence to hundreds of men inside the Correctional Training Facility, also known as Soledad State Prison.  These lectures have been so popular that many of the men have been requesting a longer training for months.

After being in discussion with the administration, we are scheduled to conduct our first ever two-day workshop inside Soledad State Prison in early October!!!

As many of you know, East Point is a small organization with a tiny budget that works to make a big impact.  Soledad is two-hours away from Oakland, and we do not have money in our budget to pay even for direct expenses, including gas, lodging for the trainers, materials, etc.

You may also know that as an organization committed to Gift Economics, we always put the work first and have faith that the money will follow. So this workshop will happen regardless, even if the funds to pay for this workshop has to come out of our pockets.

AND, we are reaching out to our community to ask for your support in making this work a little more sustainable.  Please visit our IndieGoGo Campaign Page to learn more, and give what you can.  Anything raised over our goal will go to support all of our other work behind bars, most of which is also not paid for.

Thank you all!


UPDATE: THANK YOU ALL for helping us meet our goal!!! Everything we raise above our goal will go towards supporting our work behind bars, which currently runs on volunteer time, sweat equity and love. We hope to expand programs to several different institutions next year, so please support us, and support the men and women we work with inside!!!