Meet our Inmate Training Team!!!

The 9 Graduates

The 9 Graduates

This past April, after a 4.5 month training, the East Point Peace Academy graduated 9 men from our Advanced Kingian Nonviolence Training, certifying them as Assistant Trainers in Kingian Nonviolence.

Since then, these 9 men have been helping to lead nonviolence workshops for the rest of the men in their unit, and we are currently working on scheduling workshop opportunities for community members to come in to the jails to receive training from the inmates.

The story about the graduation ceremony recently made the cover of Street Spirit, a monthly publication that is given out to homeless members of our community as a way to earn money.  Check out the article online here, and if you see these papers being sold in the Bay Area, please pick up a copy and support the homeless community!

Check our site for updates on future training opportunities inside the county jail!

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