Our Programs

Peace from Within

Our longest running program works inside California’s prisons and county jail systems, empowering incarcerated communities to become the leaders in a movement for change. We offer regular nonviolence workshops and work to certify nonviolence trainers within incarcerated communities. Read More →

Sitting in the River

A weekly mindfulness sitting group held inside the San Bruno County Jails, bringing together incarcerated men and members of the public to sit and practice together in community. Read More →

Nonviolence Dojo

Regular offerings for the public provide opportunities for anyone to practice the art of nonviolence. From introductory trainings in Kingian Nonviolence to trainings in organizing and movement building, we aim to create a strong community of practice working towards Beloved Community. Read More →

Capacity Building

We partner with various communities, organizations and institutions to help build their capacity in all aspects of nonviolence. Whether you are interested in a one-time workshop or help in institutionalizing the practice, we would love to work with you! Read More →

Empowered Straight

A new pilot program working with youth and incarcerated communities. Research has shown that the concept of “Scared Straight,” in which young people are brought into correctional institutions and “scared” away from crime, is not effective. Fear and intimidation are not the types of motivation young people need. Instead, we work with our Peace Warriors on the inside to be in dialogue with young people about peace, nonviolence and empowerment. Read More →