Nonviolence is a path and a journey, not a destination.  It is a lifelong commitment to building the Beloved Community, and each one of us are constantly training, practicing, and learning how to be more and more nonviolent each day.  It is a never ending process of growth, evolution and transformation.

At East Point, we don’t consider any person to simply be nonviolent.  Rather, all of us on this path are nonviolent practitioners, just as someone who plays  basketball is a basketball player.

As we continue our practice of nonviolence, this section will provide some further resources for those on this journey.  Please feel free to contact us if there are additional resources that you would like us to list.

Readings: Links and a list of suggested readings on nonviolence.  This includes a section on Dr. King’s work (including links to video and audio where available) and a reading list of recommended books and articles.

Movies & Videos: Online videos as well as feature length documentaries about nonviolence.

More Trainings: Links to other organizations providing trainings in Kingian Nonviolence as well as other aspects of nonviolence.

More Resources: A collection of resources including online tools, manuals and a list of organizations engaged in nonviolence.

Nonviolence Glossary: A listing of some key terms and concepts.

Unsung Heroes: A list of some of the many unsung heroes/sheroes of the movement.

For Kingian Trainers: A few resources available to certified trainers in Kingian Nonviolence.