Support Us!!!

As an organization dedicated to the Gift Economics model and committed to putting the work ahead of the money, we rely heavily on the support of our community to sustain our organization. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our work. Please also take a look at our wish list to see if you have any equipment or office supplies you may be able to donate!

Make a Monthly Donation:

Our work is best sustained by lots of regular contributions. To help make our work sustainable, please consider making a monthly donation. This is the best way to contribute to our work. If you do not see an amount that works for you, please contact us. All donations will be processed through our fiscal sponsor, the Peace Development Fund.

Monthly Donations

Make a One-Time Donation:

Click this button to make a one-time donation securely through PayPal. Please note that donations will be processed through our fiscal sponsor, the Peace Development Fund.


To Mail Donations:

Please make checks out to our fiscal sponsor, the “Peace Development Fund,” with “East Point Peace Academy” on the notes section, and mail it to:
East Point Peace Academy
P.O. Box 30652
Oakland, CA 94604

Financial Transparency:

We do not want to operate like every other nonprofit. We believe that our Operational Values will keep us in line with our core beliefs, versus a set of corporate best practices. One of our values is transparency, and we believe that all members of our community deserve to know exactly how much money we are making, and where it is all going. Click here to see our budget and income/expense reports, which we will try to update as regularly as possible.

About our Fiscal Sponsor:

As a small organization without our own tax-exempt status, we partner with the Peace Development Fund (PDF), a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization. Being a fiscally sponsored organization allows donors to donate to us through PDF, so that you can deduct the full amount of your gift from your taxes.

PDF is a public foundation that has over 30 years of history in social justice philanthropy, having supported movements all over the world. Visit for more information.