• What does it mean to honor the anger and pain being poured out into the streets of Ferguson?  How do we support the community regardless of how the anger is being expressed?  Peace is not calm.  Peace is messy.  Justice is not neat.  Justice is loud.  Read More →

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  • Check out the cover article from The Street Spirit’s July issue, which highlights the graduation of our inmate training team. Read More →

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  • Part of our work inside the criminal justice system is to ensure that the voices of the men and women we work with are able to reach outside the prison walls.  Check out some recent artwork, poems, and messages from those inside. Read More →

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  • While Dr. King was a great leader, the Civil Rights Movement wouldn’t have happened without hundreds of other leaders.  Find out more about a few of the movement’s unsung heroes.  Read More →

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  • Help us keep the legacy of Dr. King alive but helping to fulfill his final marching orders.  Join us for a training in Kingian Nonviolence.  Check out upcoming trainings here. Read More →

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The problem with wanting “peace” in Baltimore

Originally published in Waging Nonviolence By Kazu Haga April 29th, 2015 Click here to read the original article on www.wagingnonviolence.org Peace disgusts me. Let me clarify. We all want peace. Even in the prison system, where I often work with people who have committed serious acts of violence and who are very comfortable using violence — people want peace in their lives. But … [Read More...]

The real Martin Luther King Jr. was angry about injustice, radical in his politics and militant in his tactics

Shut It Down: Reclaiming the Radical Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On January 19th, politicians from both sides of the isle, corporations and institutions around the country will be celebrating one of the great leaders of this country. Unfortunately, every year the celebration of this holiday feels like a disservice to his legacy. Every year, it feels like Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy has been watered-down and appropriated, used to benefit whatever political … [Read More...]


#Ferguson: Privilege, Indignation, Discipline, Vision

Honestly, if anyone was surprised by the Grand Jury’s decision to not indict Darren Wilson, you have not been paying attention. I have a lot on my mind – the need to articulate justice, privilege in the movement, long term strategy - so I’m just gonna start writing and we’ll see where this goes. Let me just say one thing quickly. I have often times been critical of movements that to me lack … [Read More...]