• What does it mean to honor the anger and pain being poured out into the streets of Ferguson?  How do we support the community regardless of how the anger is being expressed?  Peace is not calm.  Peace is messy.  Justice is not neat.  Justice is loud.  Read More →

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  • Check out the cover article from The Street Spirit’s July issue, which highlights the graduation of our inmate training team. Read More →

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  • Part of our work inside the criminal justice system is to ensure that the voices of the men and women we work with are able to reach outside the prison walls.  Check out some recent artwork, poems, and messages from those inside. Read More →

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  • While Dr. King was a great leader, the Civil Rights Movement wouldn’t have happened without hundreds of other leaders.  Find out more about a few of the movement’s unsung heroes.  Read More →

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  • Help us keep the legacy of Dr. King alive but helping to fulfill his final marching orders.  Join us for a training in Kingian Nonviolence.  Check out upcoming trainings here. Read More →

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Latest From The Blog

11.6.14 House Party19

House Party Update!!!

On Thursday, November 6th, East Point Peace Academy organized it's first House Party!!  It was a beautiful autumn evening under a full moon as 45 supporters came together to break bread, enjoy s'mores over a fire, here testimonials about our work and build community. As is our tradition, and as part of our commitment to financial transparency and Gift Economics, we would like to share that we … [Read More...]


Why Don’t We Build A Movement?

What if all organizations in Oakland who work for social justice put down their egos and worked to create a COLLECTIVE work-plan for the next 10 years? Not just deciding to work together on 1 campaign for a year. Actually built integrated workplans that allow us to still do what each of us do best, but with a grand strategy of how we're all contributing to the same change? What if nonprofits … [Read More...]