• Check out some reflections from our recent training at the Highlander Center, organized for the incredible organizers from the Dream Defenders. Read More →

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  • Check out the cover article from The Street Spirit’s July issue, which highlights the graduation of our inmate training team. Read More →

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  • Part of our work inside the criminal justice system is to ensure that the voices of the men and women we work with are able to reach outside the prison walls.  Check out some recent artwork, poems, and messages from those inside. Read More →

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  • While Dr. King was a great leader, the Civil Rights Movement wouldn’t have happened without hundreds of other leaders.  Find out more about a few of the movement’s unsung heroes.  Read More →

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  • Help us keep the legacy of Dr. King alive but helping to fulfill his final marching orders.  Join us for a training in Kingian Nonviolence.  Check out upcoming trainings here. Read More →

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Latest From The Blog

7th Generation

We’re Not Gonna Change the World

Let’s face it.  We’re not going to change the world. The other day, I was having lunch with Mushim, a dharma teacher, writer/poet, friend and my meditation teacher.  She asked me what my thoughts were, from the perspective of Kingian Nonviolence, on the current crises in the Gaza Strip. At first, I mumbled something unintelligible, as I tend to do with such large questions.  I eventually … [Read More...]

The 9 Graduates

Meet our Inmate Training Team!!!

This past April, after a 4.5 month training, the East Point Peace Academy graduated 9 men from our Advanced Kingian Nonviolence Training, certifying them as Assistant Trainers in Kingian Nonviolence. Since then, these 9 men have been helping to lead nonviolence workshops for the rest of the men in their unit, and we are currently working on scheduling workshop opportunities for community … [Read More...]

Highlander Training 077

Dream Defenders Reflections from Highlander

By Phillip Agnew Director, Dream Defenders We arrived after an epic (seriously epic) 24 hour drive from Miami, FL to the Center. We picked up folks in Orlando, Gainesville, and Tallahassee, FL.  It was a crazy experience to start off the program with.  Someone (me) missed our turn into Georgia and wound up driving all the way to Pensacola.  That caused us to have to drive the whole state of … [Read More...]