• Check out images from the graduation ceremony of our 2015 Peace Warriors inside San Bruno County Jail  Read More →

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  • Check out the cover article from The Street Spirit’s July issue, which highlights the graduation of our inmate training team. Read More →

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  • Part of our work inside the criminal justice system is to ensure that the voices of the men and women we work with are able to reach outside the prison walls.  Check out some recent artwork, poems, and messages from those inside. Read More →

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  • While Dr. King was a great leader, the Civil Rights Movement wouldn’t have happened without hundreds of other leaders.  Find out more about a few of the movement’s unsung heroes.  Read More →

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  • Help us keep the legacy of Dr. King alive but helping to fulfill his final marching orders.  Join us for a training in Kingian Nonviolence.  Check out upcoming trainings here. Read More →

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Financial Transparency

Fiscal Transparency: 2015 Numbers

As many of you know, we take the issue of fiscal transparency very seriously. We live in an era of secrecy, and a culture of fear when it comes to talking openly about money. We continue to hear about financial mismanagement or outright scandals, even in nonprofit organizations. Living in an individualistic culture and under a capitalist system, we're taught to hide our numbers and our … [Read More...]

Microsoft Word - 2015 Year End Numbers.docx

2015 Financial Statement

CLICK HERE FOR 2015 BUDGET TO ACTUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT As always, as part of our commitment to fiscal transparency, we are releasing our financial statement for the year 2015. We are so grateful to every single person who played a part in supporting us! Transparency isn’t just about numbers. It’s also about our story, so let us share a few things about what we experienced last year that puts … [Read More...]


Profile of a Warrior: Gus Newport

“The pursuit of peace means the gentle treatment of all people.” – Gus Newport As a volunteer for the East Point Peace Academy, I recently had the privilege to meet up with civil rights leader, former mayor of Berkeley and peace advocate Gus Newport. Through several hours of conversation, we explored the intimate relationship between racism, social justice, and the our cultural relationship to … [Read More...]